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  1. How to Sell Avon: How to Become an Avon Rep in 12222
  2. Marketing Tips for New Avon Independent Sales Reps
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  4. Is Avon still calling?

Make sure your phone number and website are large font and easy to read.

Visit your local laundromats once a week and leave a few catalogs. In addition, put some of your business cards on the bulletin board. Reach out to each one of your Facebook friends via private message and ask them if they would like to check out your link to see your online store.

Consider doing some Facebook live broadcasts to educate people about the Avon products and business opportunity. Come up with a posting schedule, such as two per week and stick to it. Make the videos educational and entertaining and short and sweet. Create educational and entertaining YouTube videos about the Avon products and business and provide your link and contact information in each video.

Create a custom email signature for your Avon business. This automatically gets attached to each email that you send out. If you normally send out emails per day, that will give you an extra exposures. Have a party at your house so people can learn more about the Avon products. Invite your neighbors, friends and family. Make the event memorable and fun. Ask everyone you talk to who they might know who might be interested in either the products or business opportunity. Order some custom Avon postcards and mail out five to ten each day and hand out five to ten each day. Create a flyer, or print off one from the back office, and hand out at least five to ten each day.

How to Sell Avon: How to Become an Avon Rep in 12222

Consider setting up at your local flea market to sell Avon products and find new customers. Even better, visit a local flea market and network with all of the dealers. They are great prospects. If you have a day job, leave brochures in the employee lunch room.

Make sure you ask for permission first. Give a few catalogs to your friends and have them leave them in their employee lunch room as well.

Marketing Tips for New Avon Independent Sales Reps

If you are up for it, consider cold calling. Just educate yourself about the Do Not Call list first, and be sure to have a good script. Make up some drop cards and leave them wherever you go. A drop card is slightly bigger than a business card and smaller than a postcard. It has a headline, a few bullet points, and a call to action. Buy an Avon button and wear it wherever you go. Contact your local schools, non-profits, churches and other organizations to set up a fund raiser. Just make sure you get permission first.

Reach out to current and former Avon reps and customers to see if they are interested in shopping with you or rejoining the business. Talk with your local dentist and doctor and see if you can leave some catalogs and literature in their waiting room. Ask for referrals whenever possible. Consider paying people for referrals. Come up with your own Elevator speech. This is nothing more than sentences that clearly explain what you do. Text everyone you know asking them if they are interested in receiving a free catalog, sample, or link to your website.

Email everyone in your email contact list to see if they are open to learning more about the Avon products or business. Ask people to be your helpers. Join local meetup groups that interest you and make new friends. Let people know what you do without coming across as pushy or desperate. Join local networking groups with other business owners and entrepreneurs. This will help get your name out there. Update your Linkedin Profile with your Avon information. Start reaching out to other people who you think might be interested in what you have to offer.

Set up an Instagram account and share pictures, videos and testimonials about the Avon business. This is one of my best Avon marketing tips. Look for local publications, both online and offline, where you can advertise and help get your name out there. Contact everyone who attended your wedding to let them know you just started an Avon business and see if they are interested in shopping your online store.

Set up your free Avon Google business profile so people in your local community can learn more about you. Be sure to have your customers and friends leave you reviews. Connect with several bloggers in the makeup, beauty, skin care or network marketing niche and see if you can do a guest post on their blog.

You can provide your link and contact information in your author bio. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Get involved in the local community and network with other entrepreneurs. Attend conferences that interest you and meet new people. Exchange business cards and stay in touch.

Get comfortable with public speaking and volunteer your services with several local organizations. Give speeches about the products, or the benefits of having a home-based business.

Sell Old Avon Perfume Bottles Ways To Sell Avon Pdf

This is a great way to get more Avon leads. There are few things more powerful than a handwritten note. Write thank you notes each day and be sure to include your business card. Get this book! Read more Read less. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. July 13, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Nothing at all in this book will help anyone sell on extra product to anyone. Here is better advice then anything in this book. See as many people as you can every two weeks to get their orders and show your books. That all there is to selling Avon. Maybe a sample once in a while and demo here and there.

Is Avon still calling?

Don't waste your book or your money will say bye bye birdie to you. April 15, - Published on Amazon. When I downloaded this book, I thought to myself However, I was pleasantly surprised. Tips are well thought out and presented in a clever visual layout while intermingled with amusing stories of her marketing ploys. Where do I sign up? January 5, - Published on Amazon. When I was with Avon this book did have some good ideas. I did leave my brochures with a personal note on over 50 door steps. I also went around to three beauty stores with samples.

I also left my brochures with a retirement home and handed out samples to the residents.