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And we always keep our most popular gadgets, accessories and gear in stock. I reached out to The Man Registry on a Saturday, just 7 days before my wedding, asking for help with my groomsmen gifts. I heard back within an hour and was able to get 8 personalized coolers in just 3 days. Ordering was easy and the quality was top notch. Would highly recommend The Man Registry! The Man Registry is phenomenal.

The customer service is exceptional - seriously. You send an e-mail and a person a friendly one at that actually responds within an hour.

Stories, Listed by Author

Get hold of a marriage certificate at the earliest. Investments made by your parents with you as the nominee may not require any change. But remember nominations in case of investments of those who are getting married need to be modified in their spouse's name after marriage.

Thrill-Seeking Couple Gets Married 400-Feet Above the Ground

Managing bank accounts Post-marriage, you need to take a call on whether to continue with your individual bank account or get a joint account. It's better for women to continue with the existing account well into the first few years of marriage as certain cheques in their maiden name would not be subject to name-change formalities. Holding two separate accounts is, however, catching up. Bose says, "It's a good practice to follow the 'mine, yours, ours' approach and maintain separate accounts for discretionary spends, while pooling money together for shared aspirations such as a home purchase.

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Maalde advices, "This is pure expense and can delay one of your important goals for few years. Advise them to prioritise the goals and then make the budget for marriage. Bose says, "Make sure your partner knows exactly how much is in your account. It's foolish to keep money secrets from your spouse. Not all youngsters are risk-takers whereas some may be prone to putting their savings into equity asset class, which, studies have shown, has the potential to generate high inflation-adjusted return.

When it comes to crafting a long-term financial plan, try to communicate to bring in more clarity. Be frank about your money values and aspirations. Try to reach a middle ground and don't try to adapt your spouse to your money values or vice-versa," adds Bose. Just married The first few years of marriage may well be all about spending and travelling. But such days may also be used to discuss financial matters and lay down the foundation for future financial goals. First things first, get a health insurance plan for self, spouse and parents even before you start saving.

If there is an existing health insurance plan bought before marriage, do not drop it.

Download PDF Fast Wedded to the Ground

Apply for a name change in case of woman who changes her surname after marriage or addition of your spouse's name to it. Along with health covers, buy a term insurance plan for at least 10 times of your annual income. Remember to review the coverage every five years. If both you and your spouse are working, the one earning more may buy life cover to meet at least 75 per cent of the household income needs.

10 Things You May Not Know About the Wright Brothers - HISTORY

Conclusion Meeting the monthly household needs could be the starting point of a talk about money. Use this opportunity to consider putting a financial plan in place. As time goes by, put a plan in place for buying a house, car and other long-term goals such as retirement. Plus, you really can't beat the sound of rain beating down on the roof or tent of your venue. It creates such a dreamy sound backdrop during a wedding, say Bracket and Wilkins. If it's raining, one thing you don't have to worry about is overheated guests. And if you're already planning on a tented wedding, that could be a great thing.

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If you suffer from seasonal allergies, the last thing you may want on your wedding day is hot, sunny skies — the perfect conditions to kick your allergies into high gear and turn your nose and eyes red, says Adams. The idea of rain making your wedding even more special isn't just hypothetical — here, brides share stories of how they dealt with rain, for better and worse.

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It was an outdoor ceremony and the week leading up to our nuptials was perfect: clear skies, high 70s, and no chance of rain. The morning before our wedding, it was beautiful out. It wasn't until I was dressed and ready to go that the skies started to darken. The rain held out until we said, 'I do.

High-cadence economy

Thankfully we had one. Like all true island weddings in Maine, however, the ground was just grass so as the rain started to pour, everyone kicked off their wedding shoes and danced in the mud.