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Penthouse Flashback Series (Richie Stephens)
  1. WritingFix: a 6-Trait Writing Lesson inspired by I Love You the Purplest by Barbara M. Joosse
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WritingFix: a 6-Trait Writing Lesson inspired by I Love You the Purplest by Barbara M. Joosse

These types of applications are really good at grabbing and making the first impression towards its users. Using overlay :. To make a statement using a color the designers mostly use the overlay method. Usually, they cover the background image with a bright color and create an emotional factor towards their users.

Use Duotone :. The duotone is a method where designers use colors with halftoned background or an image that brings out the highlight and other tones. It is quite fun to work with colors. The understanding of color psychology plays a major role when understanding the best colors for design and understand how colors can create an emotional impact on humans.

The color in design was always a meaningful thing to me. Colors are able to create different emotions towards the humans. Most of the time like to an object or an application can be created by the color that it has. There have been many types of research done to understand how the color create emotions in humans. Most of the time designers forget that they have to understand and focus on how the customer or user react to the color than focusing on the color by yourself as a designer. The cultural aspects play a major role when coming to color psychology.

The colors have different meanings according to the culture and beliefs of humans. The color white mostly represent purity, innocence, clearness, neutrality and in some cultures, the color is considered as a color of the morning. The color blue represents calmness, serenity, trust, wisdom, loyalty, truth and focused. Most of the time designers use this color due to the psychological impact that blue color creates.

The color black is the strongest color in the color spectrum.

The color black creates emotions and explanations such as authority, power, strength and most of the time the color black is used to represent evil as well. Red is a color that gives us the sense of importance and notifies to us about a danger as well. Red color often associates in design in places where the user should pay special attention. For example, in traffic lights, we show the colour red as an indication to stop crossing or to stop the vehicle moving forward.

At the same time, the color red is taken as a symbol of love and passion. But most of the time red is used in places where the user needs immediate attention.

The color yellow creates emotions such as happiness, laughter, cheekiness, warmth, optimism, and sophistication. Since the yellow color is a warm color it grabs the attention of the user quickly. The idea in color psychology is to use the colors in a meaningful way so that the users might not get confused on what they are seeing. The emotions that are created by a user has a direct impact on their buying and visiting patterns.

The colors have to be used in a meaningful manner.

More by Céline Dion

As designers, we should be mindful to not to create flamboyant designs but to create meaningful designs to create the better user experience. Sign in. Get started. UX Planet. I am in love with colors and design. The best color for me Apart from the vibrant colors, I had a liking for the color blue. UX Planet Follow.

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Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal. In India, a red mark on the forehead is said to bring good luck. Roman brides were wrapped in a fiery red veil, the flammeum, which should warrant love and fertility. Greek, Albanian and Armenian brides wear red veils even today.

Red garlands and red scarves were part of wedding customs in many cultures. Red wedding gowns were en vogue in Nurnberg of the 18th century. Red gemstones can be used to strengthen the body, promote courage, will power and add vitality. Carry a gem, jewel or place red gemstones around your home or office to stimulate this energy. One Comment Happy Valentines Day! Your blog…as always is a great read.

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